Get Verified

Get Verified is not just a catch phrase. It is an important step to ensure that trusted, local businesses are identified by consumers, prospects or other businesses using our Hyper-Local Search.  How do we accomplish this?

1. We guarantee that Verified businesses get more visibility!

2. Once a business is Verified we customize their profile and promote their brand to existing/potential customers along with the services they provide and/or products they sell.

3. Get Lenawee identifies and promotes Verified business’ participation with organizations that benefit the local community.  We also identify certifications or affiliations that businesses have to ensure quality customer service for the community. Once we have verified a business’ participation with these groups, we provide badges and links to promote them and their affiliates.

4. Get Lenawee knows the landscape of Lenawee County.  We live here!  We work with local groups to create market areas within Lenawee so consumers can identify products and services offered by Verified businesses in these areas.

5. We want people to live, visit , shop, seek employment and/or do business in Lenawee.  Verified businesses are taken seriously when their message stands out.

Get the most out of your listing and…Get Verified!  Please fill out the form below to learn more about program pricing.  We will verify that your business is local and follow up with you to show you how your profile can be customized and promoted.

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