Health Wanted

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A personalized wellness plan is created based on the health needs and goals of each client. This is a team effort involving guided instruction and requires you to be responsible for your own wellness. The more information you share with me, the better your outcome can be. Areas of concentration may include food & diet counseling, emotional clearing & support, cleansing/detoxreflexologybiofeedback scanning & consultation, light therapy, body composition scan and much more!

A wellness consultation focuses on you as a unique individual. Your whole person is important, physical, mentally and spiritually. An in-depth review of symptoms, medical history and lifestyle habits are important, as well as current/past medications or supplements, and any current lab work results. This information, in addition to evaluations in the Health Wanted therapy room can aid in determining the root cause of the health imbalance and in developing a natural healing plan that is ideal for you as an individual. In addition to learning the proper diet for your individual type, wellness coaching teaches about healthy life habits and other therapies which may enhance their wellness.
Your health is your responsibility. A Naturopathic Doctor can only provide information and tools to assist in your wellness. Therapies and suggestions made are not intended as medical advice.
Remember, we are all as individual as snowflakes, therefore we each need an individual wellness plan. Some of us are flakier than others!