T3 Delivery

4061 Hunt Rd, Adrian, MI 49221
What is T3 Delivery?

It's our mission statment is to deliver goods to our customer in a timely fashion in order to make your life, jobs and daily routine much easier. Our goal is to provide options and convenience for all our clients.

Who could use our services?


T3 delivery is not just a delivery service for fast food and restaurants. Yes food is a major part of what we do but one major thing that separates us from everyone else is that we are completely open to delivering all goods. Our other services will also include groceries and prescription medication from local  grocery stores and pharmacies as well as if you are a local plumber, electrician or construction worker and you are on a job site and are in need of a specific tool or part, T3 delivery can help you with that as well.

Why use T3 delivery?

We completely understand that life Can get busy and things rarely go as plan. Our goalis to give you options and help make things a little easier. We also understand our community and realize their needs.   We know there are lot of elderly and people with different disabilities that can make it difficult to do everyday things, we don’t want those to feel limited to choices of food or feel like they are a inconvenience to family members or close friends also working around other people’s schedule can be a little  irritating.

Why waste 20 minutes of your lunch break to pick up food for yourself or co workers when we could do it for you

why limit yourself to just pizza when T3 can now give you many more options

why pack up the whole family to go out to eat when you can enjoy your favorite food in the comfort of your own home

why wait for a family member or close friend to take you to get  groceries when we can do it for you

Where do we deliver?

The great thing about T3 delivery is that we are open to serving all of Lenawee County but with that being said we are a new company and so starting off We are dedicated to serving the Adrian area within about a 6 mile radius. But like we said before we are open to delivering further if we are capable. Our main goal is to serve our community so please feel free to call with any questions or request that may not be listed. As we continue to grow so will our services.

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