Van Ert's

1938 Northview Drive, Adrian, MI 49221
Kevin B. Van Ert, Jr. established Van Ert?s Lawn Service in 1997, beginning as a residential mowing company. At age 16, he mowed 40 lawns a week in a manufactured home neighborhood. During the remaining high school years, his sister and school friends helped with the work.

After high school, Kevin planned to attend college to study engineering, but decided to wait one year to earn funding. Soon, four years had gone by and the company grew from a push mower in the back of his parent?s Suburban to trailers, riding mowers and his second pick-up truck. The possibilities of success soon outweighed the option of attending college.

Over the next five years, landscaping became his passion. Learning to run the business was difficult, but working outdoors and creating unique projects was fun.

As a Christian, Kevin decided to give Jesus Christ the glory He desires and created the motto ?In the Service of the Lord?. Ultimately, all we do affects our heavenly Father. Having set these values as a foundation in his life, the Lord has blessed Kevin?s endeavors and helped him through the difficult times. Every day has been a blessing from the Lord.

Van Ert?s philosophy in creating functional design is to achieve professional standards with inspiration from nature and with personal attention to each customer. Being hands on, Van Ert?s balances customer?s goals for each project within constraints of time and budget to provide the best overall aesthetic result.

In the Service of the Lord